By Katie Brace

GLOUCESTER (CBS) – A man was arrested after he allegedly picked up a woman and carried her into the road in front of an oncoming dump truck in Gloucester Friday morning.

Witnesses said they heard a woman yelling for help before they were hit. Police said the man is Michael Baker, 41 of Beverly, and he’s charged with attempted murder.

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“I heard a thud, I thought, ‘oh, geez,” said witness Gary Hiltz.

Hiltz thought it was the painters next door making noise. When he looked down the street he saw police and paramedics.

“A guy grabbed his wife in a bear hug and jumped out in front of one of the trucks that was going by,” said Hiltz.

Late Friday morning, the mother was dropping off or picking up her daughter. The young girl witnessed the crash and someone rushed her inside.

“A horrific break-up with husband and wife, a daughter,” said Hiltz.

Washington Street in Gloucester is a busy and fast road.

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“Poor guy that was in the truck from Marshall’s Landscaping he was just an innocent guy who was driving by,” said Hiltz.

The woman was talking when she was taken to the hospital. A medical helicopter had to transport the man.

“It’s really upsetting,” said one neighbor.

Police closed down the road until mid-afternoon.

“It was frantic everywhere,” said another neighbor.

Neighbors were left stunned by the domestic violence.

“It’s really over the top. It’s horrible,” said Hiltz.

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Baker is charged with attempted murder, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon – the truck, and assault and battery. He will be arraigned on Monday.