BOSTON (CBS) – There’s more reason to limit your child’s use of digital media. Canadian researchers found that the more time a preschooler spends on screens a day, the more likely they are to exhibit behavioral problems.

Young children often spend two to three hours a day using screens, including televisions, tablets, smartphones, video games, etc.

Researchers looked at 2,400 children between the ages of 3 and 5 and found that compared to kids with less than 30 minutes a day, those who got more than two hours of screen time a day were more likely to have problems with inattention. In fact, those kids were six times more likely to have problems with attention and nearly eight times more likely to meet the criteria for ADHD.

However, they found that participation in more than two hours a week of organized physical activity seemed to be somewhat protective.

Parents should be encouraged to limit screen time in young kids and channel their energies into sports and other physical play.

Dr. Mallika Marshall