BOSTON (CBS) — There will be no postseason for the AAF. And pretty soon, there will be no AAF.

It doesn’t appears as though the Alliance of American Football will make it through its first season, as the eight-team league suspended football operations on Tuesday, according to multiple reports. Chances are the league will fold in the coming days, before any of their teams finish their regular season slate.

It shouldn’t come as too much of a shock, given majority owner Tom Dundon said last week that the league would likely have to fold if they didn’t start to get some notable young players from the NFLPA. They had hopes of serving as the NFL’s minor league system, but that obviously will not happen, so Dundon is taking his ball and going home.

It’ll be a costly move for Dundon, who will lose roughly $70 million on his investment, according to ESPN’s Darren Rovell. Dundon initially put up $250 million of his own money in order to fund the league.

Sources told PFT on Monday night that the AAF needed about $20 million to survive its first season. Now the league will close up shop with two weeks remaining in the regular season, and no four-team postseason.

Somewhere, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is letting out a maniacal laugh.


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