BOSTON (CBS) — Dealing with Tom Brady is nothing new for Adam Gase. The new Jets head coach appears to really be getting quite tired of it — among other things.

Speaking with reporters at Tuesday’s coaches breakfast at the annual league meetings in Arizona, Gase was asked how much longer he thinks Brady will be playing. Gase gave about an honest an answer as possible — an answer to which many folks can relate.

“I don’t know,” Gase said. “Because I wake up, and I feel like [crap]. And he’s older than me, we should clarify that.”

That sound you just heard was the collective shouts of 40-year-old men across the country screaming, “Preach!”

“He’s unbelievable,” Gase added, in sincerity. “I got a lot of respect for him. Just everything he does, the way he takes care of his body. I mean, everything he does in his life is to win, win on Sundays. He’ll do that until the day he stops playing. He’s not going to change. And if you ever … to me, I’m glad he’s still playing, because personally, I’d rather go against the best.”

Gase is just three days away from his 41st birthday, a marker that Brady celebrated last August. Gase has had to deal with Brady being on the opposing sideline throughout his NFL coaching career, namely as QB coach and then offensive coordinator in Denver, and then as head coach of the Dolphins from 2016-18.

Gase has actually fared well against Brady and the Patriots in recent years, splitting their meetings 2-2 over the past two seasons. Overall, though, Gase’s Dolphins went 2-4 vs. the Patriots in his three years at the helm, and the Broncos went 1-2 vs. the Patriots during Gase’s time running Peyton Manning’s offense.

At a certain point, Gase won’t have to deal with the inconvenience of coaching against Tom Brady. That just might not be any day soon.