ARLINGTON (CBS) – Two girls were stuck by a used needle while playing outside the Gibbs Middle School during an after-school program Tuesday.

The girls, five and seven years old, were playing when one of them picked up a discarded syringe and was stuck in the hand by the needle. The second girl removed the needle from the first girl’s hand and she was stuck as well.

Both girls were taken to Winchester Hospital for tests and treatment.

Gibbs School in Arlington (WBZ-TV)

“It is extremely concerning that a hypodermic needle would be so carelessly disposed of on the ground of a school, where children constantly gather, walk and play,” Arlington Schools Superintendent Kathleen Bodie said.

“We are instructing facilities staff at all of our buildings to conduct extensive and scheduled searches of the grounds and perimeters to ensure that if anything else is out there, that it is immediately and safely disposed of.”

Town leaders say they will meet Wednesday morning to determine an appropriate response and plan of action.