By Lisa Gresci

BOSTON (CBS) — There were mixed emotions at Northeastern University Thursday night. The Huskies were in the Big Dance, but the party did not last long.

Hundreds of students came together to cheer on their team in the first round of NCAA Tournament against the Kansas Jayhawks. “Kansas is much better than us but I have confidence,” senior Zi Xuan said before tip-off.

While the crowd was well aware of the odds, they had a good feeling about the watch party. “It’s more people than I was expecting,” senior Trent Duffy said.

A group of Northeastern students got together to cheer on their team. (WBZ)

“It’s always more fun when you can watch like a whole group of student fans,” senior Will Gooly said.

“This is my first time to experience such like this party here,” senior Iouchi Zhang said.

Even Northeastern President Joseph E. Aoun stopped by to cheer on the team.

Northeastern President Joseph E. Aoun watches Huskies in men’s NCAA basketball tournament (WBZ-TV)

“I got us going to, a Cinderella story let’s say,” Will Gooly said.

Unfortunately that’s just not how the game unfolded. Kansas beat Northeastern 87-53, but the game still made a lot of people’s senior year.

“I’m glad they made it. It was a nice bookend to my time here. They made it my freshman year, they made it my senior year,” senior John Connolly said.

And looking back at the entire year, these fans don’t have a single regret.

“Just been on the up and up the past couple years and it’s been a really cool experience to be here during that time,” Gooly said.

“Yeah it’s a bit of a bummer, thought we might do a little better, but, you know, at least we made it,” Connolly said.

“We have heart, and that is all that matters,” Duffy said.

Lisa Gresci