BOSTON (CBS) — There is no shortage of Patriots haters in this world. Up until last week, Michael Bennett was chief among them.

“I used to hate the Patriots,” Bennett candidly told’s Megan O’Brien in an interview on the team’s website. “I used to hate it. I hated it because they would win so much. I hated it because Tom Brady’s hair was long. I hated that Belichick would wear sweaters.”

Bennett even managed to hate the Patriots while his brother, Martellus, was winning a Super Bowl with the team.

“Yeah I hated them even more — because he loved it,” Bennett explained. “He loved it, but the fact that he loved it made me hate it.”

That hatred quickly turned to love for the defensive end, though, when he was traded from the Eagles to the Patriots last week.

“But now I’m here and I love it. I love Tom Brady’s hair, I love being a Patriot, obviously, because it’s all about winning,” Bennett said. “I think everything about the organization is about team first and it’s just about doing what we need to do to get where we want to go as a group. And I think I love that.”

That being said, Michael still holds some resentment toward Martellus for winning Super Bowl LI with the Patriots. Prior to that, Michael was the only Super Bowl champion in the family. But Michael says he intends to one-up his younger brother by winning another one.

“I was the brother that was the Super Bowl champ. And then he took that from me. He just took it,” Bennett said. “Now I gotta get it back. I need to take that back.”


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