BOSTON (CBS) — Charlie McAvoy may have grown up in New York, but his heart is in Boston. The Bruins defenseman can’t imagine playing anywhere else, and hopes that he’ll be wearing the Spoked-B for the foreseeable future.

The 21-year-old blue-liner is a key part of Boston’s defensive corps, and one of the young players the franchise should build around for years to come. McAvoy will be a restricted free agent after the season, but it doesn’t sound like he has any intentions of signing elsewhere if that opportunity comes.

“It’s wonderful,” McAvoy said of playing in Boston in an interview with WBZ-TV’s Dan Roche for Sunday’s Sports Final. “Without a doubt. I obviously chose here to play college hockey. I chose Boston as where I wanted to be, and then I was really blessed and fortunate for the Bruins to choose me. To have that transition, and to be in Boston, I’m someone who adapts pretty quick and I get very comfortable with where I am.

“In Boston, there are times where I scratch my head and wonder just how lucky I am to be here and how fortunate I am,” McAvoy added. “I can’t imagine being anywhere else now. I play with a great group of guys, a great group of individuals and I live in a beautiful city with amazing fans and amazing facilities. I’m just blessed and fortunate; I’m so happy to be a Bruin.”

McAvoy says the Boston dressing room is a unique mix of older guys and younger guys, with the older crowd embracing the next generation of players. Players like captain Zdeno Chara, Patrice Bergeron and David Backes lead by example, but are always willing to help with the younger crop when they need it. It’s one of the many aspects that makes the Bruins a special team, and one of the many reasons they’re feeling so good with the playoffs just around the corner.

Their 19-game point streak came to an end Sunday night, but Boston remains one of the hottest teams on the ice. They have the second-most points in the Eastern Conference, and they’re all eager to get back into the postseason after being bounced in the second round last year.

“The difference between this year and last year is our young guys, the crop of 6-7 guys, we all have playoff experience now. We’re all licking our chops for that,” said McAvoy. “That doesn’t mean we’re getting anywhere further than the game that is right in front of us, but it’s something that is out there and we want to put ourselves in the best position for that. We want to see how far it can go. It’s a lot of who can get hot at the right time, who comes together and who plays the best. It’s crazy how fast it can end, so just enjoying the journey.

“I can’t wait to see what this group will do. Hopefully we’ll be healthy, rested and go into it ready to fire. It’ll be awesome and I can’t wait,” he said.




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