BOSTON (CBS) – A former Transit Police officer and two sergeants have been indicted in connection with the alleged beating of a homeless man and a cover-up of the incident.

Former Transit Police Officer Dorston Bartlett, 65, of Lynn, allegedly used his baton to beat a 32-year-old homeless man multiple times at Ashmont Station on July 27, 2018.

“The evidence suggests that Bartlett arrested the victim after the assault and attempted to charge him with assault and battery on a police officer,” the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office said.

Sgt. David Finnerty, 43, of Rutland, and Sgt. Kenny Orcel, 55, of Chelmsford, are accused of creating a false report after the incident. Finnerty was the shift officer in charge and Orcel was the shift patrol supervisor at the time. Both sergeants have been placed on leave.

Bartlett was charged assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, violating a person’s civil rights, and misleading a police officer. He retired from the department last year while he was being investigated.

Finnerty and Orcel were charged with with making a false report as a public officer or employee and as accessories after the fact to assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins said the conduct alleged by the officers is “unacceptable at every level.”

“Actions like these undermine the hard work of countless honest, professional police officers and seriously erode trust in law enforcement,” Rollins said.

Bartlett, Finnerty, and Orcel are expected to be arraigned on March 27.