TAUNTON (CBS) — A driver in Taunton was hit in the face by a flying piece of ice. The frozen chunk came off a truck, and smashed through her windshield.

Susan Araujo says the ice hit her like a brick.

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Windshield broken by flying ice (WBZ-TV)

She was driving along South Walker Street when a truck on the other side of the road made a turn and sent the ice flying into her car.

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“All of the sudden I see this ice just come straight at me. I covered my face and stopped the car and everything just happened. Shattered windshield, glass everywhere, ice everywhere, my face was cut,” Araujo said.

A driver was injured by a chunk of ice (WBZ-TV)

Initially, the truck did not stop. Araujo says she followed the driver and confronted him. He told her he had just rented the truck and didn’t realize it had ice on top.

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Araujo says despite the cuts to her face she was not badly hurt. She is very thankful that this didn’t have a worse outcome.