REVERE (CBS) – A Revere man and his kids took the art of building a snowman to a whole new level. A snow gorilla now guards their home on Malden Street.

“It was a block, about six or seven foot wide by ten foot block,” Kevin Willett said.

Kevin Willett and his snow gorilla in Revere (WBZ-TV)

Willett and his kids brought it to life after Monday’s snowfall as a distraction from shoveling. The first idea was a snowman.

“It morphed into a bigger than life-sized gorilla,” Willett said.

Snow gorilla created by Kevin Willett in Revere (WBZ-TV)

And now a tropical dweller is right at home in Revere thanks to an artful eye and a couple of tools.

“Just shovels and I think we got a lentil spoon out of the kitchen drawer and we just started digging,” Willett said. “We just released the inner form I guess.”

Snow gorilla created by Kevin Willett in Revere (WBZ-TV)

And in doing that, continued a tradition.

“We did this type of thing, me and my brothers and sisters growing up,” he said. “I just kind of wanted to continue it here.”

Willett says his kids did not give the gorilla a name because they did not want to get too attached to him.


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