By Paul Burton

TAUNTON (CBS) — Two people were rushed to the hospital Saturday after a violent encounter in Taunton. For much of the morning, Broadway Street was blocked off as police investigated a stabbing.

“All I heard was someone yelling for help,” one witness said.

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Police say a person was stabbed and another injured on Broadway Street.

Investigators say a cruiser was driving by and noticed some sort of altercation taking place between the two individuals around 6 a.m. Saturday.

“It was chaos. All I can say – craziness,” another witness said.

“I just asked one of the officers, ‘What’s going on?’ He told me, ‘You can’t go anywhere. This is a crime scene. Someone was stabbed,’”neighbor Cliff Berg said.

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The street was blocked off for several hours, affecting many of the businesses in the area as folks tried to maneuver around the crime scene.

“It’s upsetting. It’s right out here in the street. Not too long ago someone got jumped coming out of the store,” Berg said.

Folks that live and work in this area of Taunton say scenes like this are all too familiar. A lot of crime, drugs and violence, and they would like to see change. “I’d like to see the police intervene with people. That’s the problem. It’s lack of communication. People are afraid to say something around here,” one resident said.

Both individuals were taken to area hospitals. It’s still not clear if the two individuals knew each other. The incident remains under investigation by Taunton Police.

They were both taken to area hospitals.

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The events surrounding the stabbing are still unclear; police are investigating.

Paul Burton