WORCESTER (CBS) – Good Chemistry, a medical marijuana dispensary in Worcester, is hoping to join the state’s booming retail pot industry. The Cannabis Control Commission approved three final licenses for the dispensary; one for indoor cultivation and product manufacturing (for its Bellingham location) and retail sales in Worcester. But before retail sales can begin, the medical marijuana dispensary, on Harrison Street, has a few hurdles to jump through.

Jacob Sanders, who handles intergovernmental affairs for the city, told WBZ the dispensary and police are working together to create a traffic mitigation and parking plan, to avoid congestion.

Inside Good Chemistry in Worcester (Image Good Chemistry)

“Working directly with community government relations folks on some of the mitigation for college students. But look, the city of Worcester voted 55-45 to legalize recreational cannabis, in the city. It’s here and we’re now responsible for implementing policies that help offset any concerns that people may have,” said Sanders. Like making sure the drug doesn’t fall into the wrongs hands.

In a statement to WBZ, Good Chemistry CEO Matthew Huron said, “We are thrilled with the Cannabis Control Commission’s decision to approve Good Chemistry’s application for an adult use cannabis license in Worcester. With this final approval, Good Chemistry Nurseries is preparing to open for adult use as soon as possible at our dispensary located at 9 Harrison Street in the Canal District. Good Chemistry Nurseries has developed and implemented best practices in the medical and retail cannabis industry in Massachusetts, Colorado and Nevada. We are a well-respected, established company with a strong track record of compliance with state and local regulations. We chose Worcester to pursue our first medical and adult use facilities in Massachusetts because we have family roots there, a firsthand knowledge of and a deep respect and appreciation for the city. We look forward to continuing to grow our partnership with the community.”

A man smokes marijuana inside Summit Lounge in Worcester (WBZ-TV)

Good Chemistry anticipates $4 million in pot sales annually. The city of Worcester will receive annual fee of $120,000 or 3-percent of sales, whichever is greater. Based on state law, Worcester can open up to 15 marijuana retail stores.

A man smokes marijuana inside Summit Lounge in Worcester (WBZ-TV)

The Summit Lounge, a member’s only smoking club, allows its 270 members a private setting to ‘fire up’ pot, cigars and cigarettes. General Manager Kyle Moon told WBZ he’s excited the industry is finally opening up. “We’ve been open for a year and we haven’t had any issues in regards to driving while high. We haven’t had any of our members get hurt, in a car accident. So when we remove all those fears and stigmatization of cannabis, we get down to the issues. It’s providing someone their freedom and choice, to consume medicine that they want.”

Good Chemistry plans to start selling retail pot as soon as they city and state sign off on traffic plans.

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