BOSTON (AP) — Attorney General Maura Healey is weighing legal action against the Trump administration following President Donald Trump’s decision to declare a national emergency to pay for a U.S.-Mexico border wall.

Healey on Tuesday called Trump’s action “an illegal power grab” and a violation of the constitutional separation of powers.

On Monday, 16 states filed a lawsuit calling Trump’s declaration unconstitutional. Massachusetts wasn’t among them.

The Democrat said in a statement her office has been in touch with the group behind the lawsuit and is “working to determine the full scope and impact on Massachusetts.”

Healey said she wants to ensure she has the strongest possible case “if and when we challenge the administration’s actions.”

Republican Gov. Charlie Baker said he believes Healey is looking into whether Massachusetts has legal standing to join the case.

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  1. Nina Joseph says:

    The full impact on this state would be more illegals and more money out of tax paying citizens’ pockets to support all the non legals. There is such a high rate of drug abuse/overdoses/deaths, and most of it comes from our Southern neighbor. What about the human trafficking? I’m sure
    your team is working extra hard, but build the wall and keep the criminals out of this country. What if Obama or Clinton had declared a National Emergency? Would you still be investigating whether or not to sue the US President? After all, they too have declared National Emergencies and it is fine and dandy with everyone. Trump sneezes the wrong way, and its off to court we go.

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