By Bill Shields

FALMOUTH (CBS) – Protesters demonstrating against President Donald Trump on Cape Cod accuse a plow driver of intentionally spraying them with slush.

“I was horrified,” said demonstrator Jane Fitzpatrick. “As soon as I saw the truck come from there and head towards us, it was clear that he was driving right towards us and I just thought, Charlottesville.”

She was referring to an incident in Falmouth on Monday, that others are calling an assault on free speech.

Several dozen demonstrators were on the town common, protesting President Trump’s policies, when a snowplow truck came very close to them.

Plow driver accused of splashing protesters in Falmouth (WBZ-TV)

“The wall of water and ice that went over us was like 10 feet tall,” Jon Goldman said. “He was going fast, he gunned it!”

The protesters said the snow had stopped, the streets were plowed, and the drivers gone, except for one.

“It was absolutely not necessary for him to come by and try to plow that area,” said Sandra Faiman-Silva.

Police have found the alleged driver. He’s a contractor from Mashpee and will be summonsed to court on a charge of disorderly conduct.

Bill Shields

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  1. I love this guy, finely someone fighting back against the Libtards. If he gets charged I’m donating to his defense!

    1. Morgan O'Rourke says:

      Same here!

  2. Steven James says:

    @Jay C Typical bully boy Trump supporter. Duh, I’m gonna donate to his defense because hate and fighting are the American way! Man, this is one sad chapter in this country.

    1. Brian D Pratt says:

      Go fake a hate crime liberal

    2. Hey liberal? Shut up and go kill a baby!

  3. Joe Casey says:

    Ten feet high? Really>

  4. Kevin Palmer says:

    o please you bunch of liberal ba
    bys i also will give to his defense fund

  5. Kevin Palmer says:

    TRUMP 2020

  6. J.D. Johnson says:

    The protesters were making noise, getting in the way of people, spreading lies and acting anti-American and they charged the driver with disorderly?

  7. Vince Vega says:

    It didn’t even look like the snow reached them…is this really news? Those soft liberals will find anything to cry about…surprised they didn’t say they saw Trump driving the truck.

  8. northernsentinel says:

    Chemical-filled slush!. omg… deadly sodium chloride..should be charged with attempted murder!!!

  9. Terrence Jeffrey Johnson says:

    Serves these America-hating loudmouthed agitating malcontents right. I hope they got drenched in slush, the big commie crybabies.

  10. Lance Snead says:

    Trump protesters whining and crying again over a guy doing his job. Gotta love the brain dead, indoctrinated drones.

  11. Larry Oneill says:

    AWW ! snow flakes on the snow flakes.

  12. Now, if the lefty protestors were behind a Wall, like the one Trump is proposing, they would have remained dry.

  13. Ernie Gonzalez says:

    So an authorized plow contractor was simply doing his job and yet the Falmouth PD still charged him with disorderly conduct?! Are you freaking kidding me? Is the Falmouth Police Chief a libtard like these nutty protesters?

  14. Gene Williams says:

    The truck driver is my new hero.

  15. Joe Clovis says:

    Do you want to see a first class idiot??? Watch Peter Waasdorp in this interview. He claims the driver was given permission by Trump to do the drive by. Quite possibly the most stupid comment of the week. Here you go Peter, have a tissue for all of your liberal tears. Lol!

  16. Andrew Popper says:

    Usual selective indignation of the Marxist traitors. How many times has Antifa violently rioted thrown firebombs and assaulted Trump supporters, How many times have we had to endure fake racist hoaxes? Even “Earth Day” is a Communist scam, the first Earth Day was April 22. 1970, Vladimir Lenin’s 100 birthday! The biggest danger is Volcanic Winters which have caused repeated episodes of MASS DEATH! Finds videos on You Tube, look up Year Without a Summer, look up Toba Eruption etc.

  17. John Millen says:

    Did they have a permit to protest?

  18. Ed Jackson says:

    These same ‘protestors’ would have complained the following day the road was not plowed properly after that slush turned to ice at night.
    These ‘protestors’ have thier heads buried in the sand if they don’t believe there is an emergency on the southern border. I live in Fort Worth, Texas, and believe me we have illegal aliens coming out of our ears here.
    We should send some of them to the Cape, where they can move in and live with these ‘protestors’. They can also be housed in Senator Warren’s and Markey’s mansions and instead of becoming another burden on Massachusetts taxpayers.

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