BOSTON (CBS) – Three men were arrested in East Boston on Friday night. Sources tell WBZ they are connected with the anti-immigration flyers that had been posted around the neighborhood.

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Matthew Wold, 26, of Lowell, is charged with assault and battery of a police officer. Tylar Larson, 18, of Rochester, N.Y., is charged with carrying a dangerous weapon. Christopher Hood, 20, of Malden, is charged with carrying a dangerous weapon.

A flyer found in East Boston (Photo credit: Tina St. Gelais Kelly)

Boston police confirm they had increased patrols in the area due to the posters. While on patrol on Winthrop Street, police noticed three men wearing face masks, one of them carrying a can of spray paint.

Police say one of the men slapped an officer’s hand away and the others were carrying weapons.

Phil Haggerty, an East Boston resident who helped pull down the flyers, said, “When I read they were carrying weapons I’m actually not surprised. That’s very much like this type of group. I appreciate the vigilance of the BPD.”

All three men will be arraigned in East Boston District Court. They are not charged with anything relating to the flyers.

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  1. Bobby Groth says:

    Putting up flyers is illegal in America?

  2. Of course BPD stopped them, it’s a sanctuary city, what do you want.

  3. Tim Be says:

    Reporting illegal alien felons to ICE is “white supremacy” now? Third World status here we come!

  4. Justin Chapman says:

    What a bunch of cucks.

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