BOSTON (CBS) — The woman who died after she was hit by a cement truck while biking in Boston has been identified as Paula Sharaga, 69, of Cambridge.

Two people performed CPR on Sharaga at the scene, and a trauma surgeon also stepped forward to help.

Sharaga was rushed to Brigham and Women’s Hospital in critical condition but was pronounced dead around 4 p.m. Friday.

A preliminary investigation, police said, indicates that the cement truck was stopped at a traffic light on Brookline Avenue. When the light turned green, the truck started to move forward. The truck was driven by a 67-year-old Salem man, who was taken to Beth Israel Hospital.

The 911 call for a reported crash on Park Drive and Brookline Avenue near Emmanuel College came in around 1:20 p.m.

Boston Police and Mass. State Police responded to Park Drive and Brookline Avenue Friday after a woman on a bike was hit by a cement truck (WBZ-TV)

As police investigated, a cement truck sat parked nearby and two lanes of Park Drive were closed.

“Our Commercial Vehicle Enforcement is also on scene because of the involvement of the truck,” said State Police.

A cement truck was parked in Fenway near where a woman was struck Friday afternoon (WBZ-TV)

“We just saw a bunch of cops coming running out and throw caution tape up,” described Emily Miga, an Emmanuel College student.

Those that walk through the intersection on a regular basis said it could be chaotic. “They have cars that go in all sorts of different directions,” said Don Monroe.

Pedestrians and cyclists in the area were saddened, but not surprised, to hear of the accident.

“I personally have been hit by cars three times in Boston,” said Craig Kavenaugh, who was biking in the area Friday night.

And Araz Aran said that cars in the area aren’t careful of pedestrians. “There’s been a lot of times where we have had the walk signal and still had to stop while the cars were turning, coming in real fast and blocking the road.”

“This intersection is notoriously bad. We’ve talked about it for years,” said David Read.

Police have not said whether the man will be charged.

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  1. Catherine Hammond says:

    Mr Mayor, Members of Boston Traffic Engineering Dept,

    PAULA SHARAGA’s husband is my friend. Forever devastated.
    In their names, and those of all who love them, I ask : WHY SHOULD IT TAKE A DEATH ?

    We now EXPECT changes to this intersection.
    It was always poorly designed, insanely complicated and utterly unsafe.
    (The most recent meeting I could find on line pertaining to that general area dates from 2011!)

    We respectfully ask that you make time in your schedule and go to Fenway Landmark Center and Riverway.
    Now, CROSS any street.
    DRIVE through that intersection.
    RIDE a bike, in any direction.
    Did you feel SAFE?

    It will be a complicated task of re-construction and traffic signal retiming, but Boston Traffic Engineers CAN do this. They MUST.

    Oh yes, and costly too… but what price would you put on Paula’s life?
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you Catherine for posting your comment. Note that some of the roadways in this area are under state MassDOT control. This area was just rebuilt with too many car lanes and no bicycle lanes.

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