By Bill Shields

BOSTON (CBS) – Somehow, didn’t you think that Durgin Park would be around forever? After all, it’s been serving food in Quincy Market since 1827. Actually, Peter Faneuil established a café there in 1742, but that’s another story.

So the venerable eatery is closing up. And they start an online auction of EVERYTHING on Saturday.

(Photo Credit: Durgin Park)

You like old signs? “This one was in the back,” says auctioneer Wayne Tuiskula. “I guess they quit serving coffee jello.” That’s right, of the dozens of signs you may have seen on the walls, there’s one you haven’t … coffee jello.

A sign from Durgin Park (Photo credit: Central Mass. Auctions)

Then, there are dozens of beer tap handles acquired over decades. There’s even one advertising John Durgin’s beer from 1826.

And those banners that’ve been flying outside for years … they too are for sale. “Right now, we’re getting bids of $300, and the real bidding hasn’t started yet,” says Tuiskula.

Durgin Park in Faneuil Hall (WBZ-TV)

The silverware, the plates, even the time clock that the staff punched in on – it’s all for sale. And speaking of staff, there are several old photos of the renowned sharp-tongued waitstaff.

But perhaps the biggest, and heaviest, prize is the hand-carved wooden, life-sized pig that’s near the door. It was carved in 1876 and has kept a watchful eye on customers ever since.

To see the full catalog, visit Central Mass Auctions.

Bill Shields


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