WAREHAM (CBS) – Wareham Middle School is closed, but not because of snow. The town’s superintendent says a seagull dropping quahog shells from the sky cracked the school’s roof and caused a water leak.

“We found a number of shells inside the tear,” Superintendent Kimberly B. Shaver-Hood told WBZ-TV.

The 6-to-8-inch rip is near a roof drain and that caused water to flow into the building Wednesday.

Seagulls drop shells in an attempt to break them open so they can eat the clam inside.

(Image: iStockphoto)

A photo from the school shows the gash in the roof membrane.

The crack caused by a seagull’s dropped shell (Photo credit: Wareham Public Schools)

The school will be closed Thursday and Friday while repairs are made.

  1. Steve William Lindsey says:

    Put plastic owl and hawk decoys on the roof. This will encourage the seagulls to drop things on nearby buildings instead.