BOSTON (CBS) — It’s become apparent over the last four-plus years that Mookie Betts can do everything on a baseball diamond. Now we have proof he can do just about anything on any playing surface.

The 26-year-old Betts has built up quite the baseball resume, which seems to get better every season. We also knew that he was pretty darn good at a bowling alley, too. Now ahead of the start of Spring Training, we’re getting a look at just how talented Betts is across the sporting universe. Major League Baseball shared a video of Betts showing off his various athletic skills, which included hauling in a deep pass on the gridiron and throwing down an emphatic slam on the hardwood:

We knew Mookie was great at baseball, and he has an MVP trophy, three Gold Gloves, a pair of Silver Slugger awards and three All-Star nods to show for it (and soon enough, a World Series ring). Add in a few perfect games in bowling, plus the ability to snag a deep pass and throw down a jam, and Betts certainly has a claim as one of the best athletes in the game — any game. He really just needs to lace up some skates and fire off a mean wrister to officially snag the title.

The Red Sox will hold their first full squad workout of Spring Training on Feb. 19.


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