BOSTON (CBS) — Bill Belichick wastes no time.

The head coach has named his boat after his number of Super Bowl titles won as both a defensive coordinator for the Giants and head coach for the Patriots. As you might imagine, he’s been keeping his local boat painter in business over the years with all of the changes necessary during the two separate runs to three Super Bowls.

And sure enough, a little over a week after the Patriots’ sixth Super Bowl win (and Belichick’s eighth), pictures of the updated “VIII Rings” began to make their way around the internet on Monday.

Belichick keeps his boat in Nantucket during the warmer months, but he was spotted on his boat — then freshly named VII Rings — in Florida after winning the Super Bowl two years ago.

The 66-year-old Belichick won his sixth Super Bowl as a head coach, which is the most of all time. Chuck Noll ranks second with four, followed by Joe Gibbs and Bill Walsh, both of whom won three Super Bowls apiece. Belichick’s 31 playoff wins as head coach are most all time, more than Tom Landry (20), Don Shula (19), Gibbs (17) and Noll (16).

Updating the name of his boat so often must be inconvenient, and if he wins one more, it’ll require a whole new design for “IX Rings.” But it’s likely a headache that Belichick is happy to take on if it comes after basking in the glow of yet another victory.



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