By Anaridis Rodriguez

WEYMOUTH (CBS) – For Tom Hamilton, Parade Day in Boston is what dreams are made of.

“The crowds were huge and awesome. It was amazing and overwhelming,” Hamilton told WBZ-TV Wednesday.

But this year, that dream turned into a bloody ordeal when he was hit in the face with a can of beer.

“As soon as it struck, I was like ‘oh, come on’ you just knew it’s going to be a bleeder,” said Hamilton.

The father of four said it happened while he was on the flatbed carrying MVP Julian Edelman and the team’s receivers.

Tom Hamilton was hit by a beer on Parade Day, celebrating the Patriots Super Bowl win. (WBZ-TV)

“I didn’t even see it. I was looking at Edelman … was just counting to six you know. Getting the crowd pumped. We were on Boylston Street. My focus was this way. And that thing just came out of [nowhere] you caught in the corner of your eye, but too late you know,” said the Weymouth man.

The can sliced his forehead open. That’s when two nurses nearby and a player’s wife jumped into action.

“Matthew Slater’s wife was a doctor, so they all took a quick look at it. A woman I work with that was on the flatbed, she had wipes; they cleaned it up,” Hamilton said.

Nurses wrapped his head in a Patriots towel and used sleeves as headbands to keep it in place.

He stayed on the float until the parade was over and was treated at an urgent care hours later.

He’s grateful he wasn’t seriously hurt and doesn’t blame the fans. He says his story should be a word of warning.

“If anything struck a child … I could take it a little bit, but a little kid. Not only could that destroy their day, but it could knock them out,” Hamilton said.

For now, his story is all the buzz inside the house.

“Somebody ripped his sleeves off for him and put it around his head but he still has the sleeve. It was a cool story when you heard it that way,” said 9-year-old daughter Bella.

And the family’s already thinking about the potential of another parade.

“We got a city full of great teams. Very lucky,” Hamilton said.

Anaridis Rodriguez


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