WASHINGTON (AP) — The Cherokee Nation says Sen. Elizabeth Warren has apologized for taking a DNA test to push back against President Donald Trump’s taunts about her claim of Native American heritage.

Tribe spokeswoman Julie Hubbard said Friday that the Massachusetts Democrat and likely 2020 presidential contender had apologized “for causing confusion on tribal sovereignty and tribal citizenship and the harm that has resulted.”

Warren released her DNA test results in October as evidence she had Native American in her bloodline, albeit at least six generations back. She had previously said her Native American roots were part of “family lore.”

The Cherokee Nation complained then that tribal nations, not DNA tests, determine citizenship and that Warren was “undermining tribal interests with her continued claims of tribal heritage.”

Warren’s campaign declined to comment Friday.

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  1. Kiras Carrot says:

    What a shame. I thought that the Cherokee Nation was a sacred and honorable family. Turns out, they are acting just as petty, illogical, and narcissistic as Donald Trump. :/ OF COURSE Elizabeth Warren would get the DNA test to prove to this evidence-based political culture of her legitimacy, in the midst of degradation of her name. Why the Cherokee Nation would not understand this basic concept- instead, guilting and shaming her for doing so, is extremely disturbing and disappointing. The political community has been spitting on EW, and haranguing her, for her claims for years. You’d think that the Cherokee Nation would support her, not shame her.

    1. Pb Brown says:

      Because she lied about her heritage for years, long after DNA testing was widely available to prove or refute her claims. Also, the fact that she used her heritage claims for personal advancement, and, after they turned out to be false, waited more than a month to apologize, which is the FIRST thing she should have done after the test results were in.

      1. How did she lie? She, like me, were told stories growing up about Native American heritage. We were told we were part Cherokee (which is odd being from Massachusetts going back generations) but we accepted is as being “swamp yankee” . When I eventually got my DNA test, surprise! I am, as is my family, extremely white. That Grandfather who claimed Native blood..his grand parents BOTH came over from Sligo Ireland. No one told us we were Irish! The German side of the family? Not so much, maybe 3 generations + ago via Canada.
        I do know none of what anyone says will ever stop you from believing what Scott Brown said about her, it isn’t in your nature. I still see no proof that she used her heritage to claim personal advancement.

  2. Joe Casey says:

    A shameless careerist with no moral center.

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