ATLANTA (CBS) — After practicing indoors in Foxboro all last week, the Patriots are doing the same in Atlanta ahead of Super Bowl LIII.

The reasoning behind it is both ironic and hilarious. They’re not doing it to get ready to play at Mercedes Benz Stadium, because we still don’t know if the roof will be opened or closed when the Patriots and Rams kick off Sunday evening.

The Patriots are practicing inside at Georgia Tech because they’re trying to avoid any chance of a SpyGate sequel.

“There are 20-story skyscrapers surrounding the field,” New England head coach Bill Belichick told pool reporter Jenny Vrentas on Wednesday. “I don’t think we can have a public practice out there.”

It was 17 years ago that the Patriots upset the then-St. Louis Rams for their first Super Bowl championship. Many players on that losing Rams squad are still convinced that the Patriots filmed their walkthrough ahead of that game, despite the fact that the story was later proved to be completely inaccurate. That erroneous story caused quite the stir when the Boston Herald published it in 2008, the day before the undefeated Patriots lost to the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLI.

And with the Patriots set to take on the Los Angeles version of the Rams this time around, Belichick isn’t taking any chances of Marshall Faulk using his camera phone to exact a little revenge for something that never even happened.


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