BOSTON (CBS) – New England has football fever. But not everyone in the country is excited for the Patriots and Rams to play in Super Bowl LIII on Sunday.

Remington Research Group found in a recent survey that nearly half of Americans are uninterested in the outcome of the game.

A total of 2,321 registered voters nationwide were polled. One-in-three people will be rooting for the Rams to win. Twenty percent of respondents are pulling for the Patriots. The survey found that 44 percent of people do not care who wins the game.

For people planning to watch the Super Bowl, 63 percent are most looking forward to the game itself. Eighteen percent are most looking forward to the commercials, while the rest say they’re anticipating either the halftime show or the party they’re attending.

When it comes to political parties, Republicans have a net -18 percent unfavorable opinion of the NFL while Democrats have a net +12 percent favorable opinion. Overall there is a -3 percent unfavorable rating of the league.

The Super Bowl is a bad day for those who entered 2019 trying to eat healthy. Remington’s survey found 31 percent of people said they are likely to break their New Year’s resolutions on Sunday.


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