By Jim Smith

BOSTON (CBS) – Many federal workers are feeling a bit cautious tonight. For weeks, they’ve been pawns in a political showdown. Now, things are looking up, but there are no long-term guarantees.

You might think Matt Ford would be celebrating tonight. He’s a Devens corrections officer, a federal worker who will finally get paid.

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“I saw the news come across. At first it seemed a little bit too good to be true,” Ford said.

Despite the temporary shutdown agreement, he worries about what might happen if a final deal can’t be reached and the shutdown comes back.

“Yeah, it’s concerning. You want to plan for things in the future, but instead you have to live in the now because you won’t know if you’ll be receiving a check or not.”

Matt Ford and his family. (WBZ-TV)

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He’s gone 35 days without pay – two bi-weekly checks – but he kept working anyway, and even picked up a second part time job. He’s fed up with politicians from both parties.

“He looks weak if he backs down. They look weak if they back down, and they’re all still getting paid. They’re playing with my money, they’re not playing with theirs,” Ford said.

Now, this single father of three is hoping for better times, but the scars remain.

“It’s politicians being politicians at the expense of people who put them in office,” Ford said.

Ford’s oldest son is in college, and Ford was worried he would have to pull him out of school because of tuition bills

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Hopefully now, that tough decision has been avoided.