By Beth Germano

BOSTON (CBS) – When it comes to snow preparations there are two Patriots fans making sure they have all the angles covered. They’re not about to miss a play in the AFC Championship Game – even if there’s a power outage.

“I’m worried about missing the game,” said Bill Childs. “I’m hooking up a generator so if it happens we’re good.”

He was looking for a power chord at the Home Depot in Quincy to hook up his new generator just in case.

“It’s been so nice I’m worried it will turn into a horrible winter,” he said. “We’re prone to power outages here, it happens all the time.”

Generators are unwrapped at Home Depot in Quincy. (WBZ-TV)

A weekend storm is expected to bring a combination of snow and ice. So while James Ferola is stocking up on rock salt, he has similar concerns.

“That will be an issue. Fingers crossed that at 6:40 Sunday night we’ll still have power,” he said.

New supplies of generators and snowblowers arrived at the Home Depot just in time. Manager Jerome Higgins knows there are plenty of procrastinators with a slow start to winter.

“You get through December and you think we’ll get through this. Then January comes and that’s when the snow hits. It happens every year,” said Higgins.

The forecast finally had Dan Kirby thinking about his supply of snow shovels.

“I just started thinking in the last couple of weeks I need to replace the shovels. The ones we have work but these are nicer,” he said.

At The Fours sports bar in Quincy, they’re hoping the snow won’t keep the Pats fans away and they’re praying on the power.

“We’ve had good luck in here during storms.  We rarely lose power,” said manager Ed Morris.

Beth Germano