By Katie Brace

WOBURN (CBS) – A Woburn mother opened her mailbox this week to find more than just mail. Inside was a bag of marijuana.

“It terrifies me, if Andrew would have been the one to get the mail,” said Laurel Collins. Her 19-year-old son has autism, and she worries what could have happened.

Marijuana found in Woburn mailbox (Image credit Laurel Collins)

Thankfully, this time it was Laurel, and not Andrew, who checked the mailbox at their Woburn home on Wednesday. With the bills, she found a sandwich bag filled with pot.

“That Andrew could have found it, opened it, and thought it was something like a snack,” said Collins. She called police. Her surveillance camera outside the front door captured video of a man putting something in with the mail.

A man leaves a bag of marijuana in a Woburn mailbox (WBZ-TV)

Collins has three other children. She said there is no way it was for one of them. “I have zero concerns it was intended for any of my daughters,” said Collins.

Woburn police said the drugs were possibly delivered to the wrong house. They said 18 grams were in the bag (a couple hundred dollars worth). Officers took the drugs.

“She’s very nice,” said Andrew talking about his favorite teddy bear. Laurel wants to ensure her son’s innocence and keep him safe. She doesn’t want Andrew to suffer the consequences of someone else’s poor judgement at her home. “Legal or not, be responsible,” said Collins.

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  1. This story as written makes little sense! first paragraph about pot left in wrong mailbox – second paragraph appears to belong in another story, about someone’s interest in the weather! so disjointed (no pun intended) . It takes several more paragraphs to get the connection to the original story of “random” delivery of a bag of pot.

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