By Bill Shields

FOXBORO (CBS) – The Putnam Club at Gillette Stadium had a lot of season ticket holders there Friday, 48 hours before the Patriots playoff game.

The fans were there to help kids who have to be in the hospital on their birthday.

“Just knowing that this little thing that we’re doing here today is going to make such a big impact on their lives and how they’re feeling is like really important I think,” said volunteer Paige Roderick.

Volunteers make birthday boxes for sick children (WBZ-TV)

It’s called The Confetti Foundation, a partnership with the Patriots that was the brainchild of Stephanie Frazier-Grimm, who was moved by the plight of one little boy five years ago.

“It was his birthday the hospital didn’t have the means to celebrate the birthday party properly,” Frazier-Grimm said. “So I said I’m going to change that.”

Fast forward five years, and now dozens of people are creating “birthday boxes” for hospitalized kids across the nation. “It really makes a difficult time for them hopefully more joyous on their special day,” said Karen Roderick, of Tyngsboro.

Birthday boxes made by volunteers at Gillette Stadium (WBZ-TV)

“The positivity that’s behind it is also what’s so important for them,” said volunteer Emma Horn. “I’m sure they have a lot more down days than up in the hospital.”

Over 200 kids nationwide will get the birthday boxes soon, each with some sort of Patriots swag inside.

Bill Shields


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