By Matthew Geagan, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — The Indianapolis Colts love to hang banners, even if they haven’t actually won anything.

It all started back in 2015, when they hung a banner inside Lucas Oil Stadium to commemorate their participation in the previous season’s AFC Championship Game. Though you can question whether or not that actually participated in that one, given the Patriots trounced them 45-7 that evening. The banner was essentially a giant participation ribbon that they decided to hang in their stadium, commemorating a 38-point loss.

They are at it again now that they’ve won another playoff game — their first since that January evening in 2015. On Thursday, the official Twitter account of Lucas Oil Stadium posted a picture of a fresh new “1-0” banner that is hanging outside the stadium to celebrate their win over the Houston Texans on wild card weekend.

Yeesh. At least this banner celebrates a win.

If the Colts can knock off the top-seeded Kansas City Chiefs this weekend in the divisional round, one could argue that being a banner-worthy victory. But not a wild card win. That’s just silly.

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  1. Marshall Price says:

    It’s a freakin’ flag on a freakin’ pole. It’s not like it’s hanging from the rafters of the stadium. Two things… 1) Why is Indy in your freaking head so bad? 2) Have you got nothing better to write about there?

  2. Andy Kidd says:

    Do your research, like a good reporter. It’s been the Colts mantra through the entire season. In other words, the only record the team should be worried about is being 1-0 after each game. You look ridiculously naive and ignorant.

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