ARLINGTON, Va. (CBS Local) — The partial government shutdown is wreaking havoc on the ride-sharing industry in the nation’s capital.

Ride-sharing drivers in Washington, D.C., say tourists and government workers are normally their core customers, but business has come to a screeching halt since the partial government shutdown began Dec. 21.

And now, some of the 800,000 government workers who are not being paid are getting behind the wheel to make ends meet.

“With the government shutdown, you have more people working for the government doing Uber, and for the full-time Uber drivers, that is really affecting us too, and our money,” said ride-share driver Nate Murrell.

Meantime, negotiations to end the shutdown remain at an impasse. Until both sides figure it out, Monroe said he’s trying to stay positive.

“Life has its curves and straight lines—you got to take the bitter with the sweet,” he said.