BOSTON (CBS) – Police officers in Boston rescued a driver who crashed into the Muddy River. The man was in chest-deep water when they pulled him out.

“I was petrified for him and thank goodness the car looked like for a moment it was about ready to tip over,” witness Dianne Sloan said.

It was a dramatic scene in downtown Boston when the SUV plunged into the river at Beacon and Charlesgate West by Kenmore Square.

A man was rescued from an SUV in the Muddy River in Boston (WBZ-TV)

The 73-year-old driver had lost control and plunged down an embankment into the dark chilly water. A witness says it all happened so fast.

“The car was going fast enough that it jumped the curb, and it just kept going fast and it wouldn’t stop and then I think it hit the mud and the mud just took him and the car right down into the river,” Sloan said. “At least it stayed upright.”

SUV pulled from Muddy River in Boston (WBZ-TV)

The vehicle was upright, but that driver was stunned and couldn’t get out. He was stuck in the vehicle with water up to his chest. That’s when a Boston Police officer jumped into the water and got him out.

“The police finally arrived and opened up the front door and got into there and got him out and just dragged him out,” Sloan said.

The driver was treated by EMS and brought to the hospital. Police said he had minor injuries.


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