WORCESTER (CBS) – Freezing rain caused crashes in parts of New England during the Friday morning commute.

Several cars slid down an icy Worcester road, slamming into parked cars and other objects.

Ice caused crashes on Zenith Road in Worcester. (Image Credit: Early’s On Park Ave.)

The crashes happened on Zenith Drive, a road with an incline. The road was covered with a glaze of ice after freezing rain fell during the morning commute.

One car suffered front end damage, another appeared to have slid backwards into a police cruiser, and a minivan ended up front-first into a telephone pole.

Several cars crashed on an icy Worcester road. (Image Credit: Early’s On Park Ave.)

It is not known if anyone was injured in the crashes.

The Worcester Fire Department said an oil tanker was coming down the steep Morningside Road, which was covered in ice around 9 a.m. The driver lost control, slid and the tanker rolled over.

Ice caused an oil tanker to lose control and roll over on a steep Worcester road. (WBZ-TV)

About 200 gallons leaked, but it was contained before reaching any storm drains or yards. The driver, who was uninjured, was able to get out of the cab and cap the leak.

In New Hampshire, there was a series of crashes on Interstate 89 in the Concord area as snow changed to rain and the roads froze over. Among the vehicles involved was a tractor trailer that jackknifed.

A jackknifed tractor trailer on Interstate 89 in the Concord area of New Hampshire. (Image Credit: Cameron F.)

The northbound side of the road was closed temporarily while the crashes were cleaned up. Roads were treated and one lane of I-89 opened again to traffic a short time later.


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