By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – It’s the Friday before Christmas, and if you’ve been out and about with young kids in recent days, you may have been confronted by their curiosity about Santa.

Perhaps they’ve seen Santa at various malls or parties and wondered – what’s the deal with all the different Santas? How can Santa be real and also be everywhere at once? I think I might be able to help you out with this.

First of all, yes, Santa is real and there is just one Santa hard at work in the North Pole getting ready for his deliveries. Because we love to celebrate the joy of Christmas well in advance of the day itself and Santa is so busy with the elves getting ready, he authorizes helpers all over the world to stand in for him.

A Santa surrogate in Minnesota gave two girls what they asked for – their father, home from Kuwait.

Another Santa’s helper in Mexico was willing to get wet in an aquarium tank to help kids enjoy the spirit of the season.

In Germany, Santa’s assistant rappelled down the side of skyscraper to spread joy to children.

If it takes a helicopter because the reindeer need their rest before Christmas Eve, then a helicopter it is.

Wherever goodwill and children who’ve been good are located, Santa and his aides are determined to get there.

Even former President Obama was called on to stand in for Santa, with or without the beard.

So kids, don’t be confused by all the Santas. Relax and get ready for the main man to do his thing by the time you wake up Tuesday morning.

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Jon Keller


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