BOSTON (CBS) — For the second straight week, Tom Brady made a very un-Tom-Brady-like play that cost the Patriots points.

Following New England’s second straight loss, this time to the Steelers in Pittsburgh, Brady shouldered the blame for his poor decision.

“I just didn’t get the job done,” Brady said after Sunday’s 17-10 loss. “I have to figure out a way to do better.”

The play in question came with the Patriots trying to claw their way back, down 14-10 midway through the fourth quarter. Facing a second-and-4 from the Pittsburgh 16, Brady could feel some heat from the Steelers defense as he backpedaled.

He tried to throw the ball away, lofting it to the right sideline. The ball was supposed to harmlessly soar out of bounds, giving the Patriots another shot at the end zone. But Brady didn’t get enough air under the throw, and it floated right into the arms of the leaping Joe Haden.

The Steelers kicked a field goal on their ensuing possession, some much-needed breathing room for a team that was just hanging on all afternoon. Brady and the Patriots again drove down the field with a shot to tie the game on their final possession, but came up short when Brady’s final bid at the end zone was swatted away before it could get to Edelman.

The loss drops New England to 9-5 on the season, and into third place in the AFC playoff picture. For the second straight weekend, they missed their chance to clinch a playoff berth and the AFC East.

Brady finished the game completing 25 of his 36 pass attempts for 279 yards, a touchdown and that one costly interception.

“Just trying to throw it away and didn’t,” Brady said of the throw after the loss. “I was just trying to flick it out of bounds, didn’t want to take a sack. Just shouldn’t happen.”

Brady rarely misfires on throws like that, especially in such key moments. But paired with forgetting how many timeouts the Patriots had just ahead of halftime last week in Miami, he’s now made two costly mistakes in back-to-back weeks, both losses for the Patriots.

The Patriots played poorly on nearly every front Sunday afternoon. They were flagged for a ridiculous 14 penalties that cost them 106 yards, capped off with a costly holding flag on guard Shaq Mason on their final drive. That penalty pushed the Patriots out of the red zone, and Brady came up short on his three desperation attempts at the end of the game.

“We’re obviously not playing well enough to win and it can come in a lot of different ways,” said the quarterback. “Turnovers, just missed opportunities; I think that’s what it comes down to. Too many plays where we’ve got opportunities to do stuff with it and we don’t.

“That’s football. I wish the outcomes were different, obviously, this week and last week. But we just have to get back to work,” said Brady.

The Patriots close the regular season with home games against the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets.

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  1. Fano Gibson says:

    The bend but dont break philosophy is not working out this year. Opposing teams spend way to much time on the field. Patriots offense cant find a rhythm. Too many 3rd and longs. Then back to the bench. Starts with the defense and their inability to stop the run. But Belechick was suppose to be the defensive genius? Maybe they need to change their philosophy regarding the draft. Doing it on the cheap only gets you so far.

  2. David Kroger says:

    I use to not like him but my views have changed. He is one of the greatest quarterbacks I have watched in my lifetime of 69 years. I go back to watching on a Black & White TV with coach Lombardi and the Packers.

  3. The ball was supposed to harmlessly sore out of bounds, giving the Patriots another shot at the end zone. A ball should soar, perhaps Brady was sore.

  4. Scott Sanem says:

    You need a proof reader. “Sore” instead of soar. “Until” instead of “into” I hope the reporting is more accurate than the editing.

  5. Richard Edison says:

    The stars are aging and the talent is diminishing. It is amazing the dynasty lasted this long.

  6. Totally uninspired effort by the whole team. Offensive Line penalties throughout. Dropped passes on 3rd down. A defense that’s a sieve. McCourty twins can’t catch a cold, much less cover anybody. They don’t look like a playoff team. It’s been 11 years since they had a solid defense, a part of the game Bellichick was once known for.

  7. Kevin Rogers says:

    Well, it’s been a great run, and we’ve gotten spoiled and forget some of the lucky breaks we’ve caught to have been so successful. Brady’s been great, but maybe it’s time to hang up the cleats, before he looks like Farvre’s last year. It would’ve been nice to retire the year that Goodell had suspended him, and they won the superbowl anyway.

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    What if I said there was a RACE problem that could only be solved if hundreds of millions of non-Blacks were brought into EVERY Black country? How long before people realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem, but the conclusion to the BLACK problem?

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  9. Bob Suyak says:

    Blamed himself? Brillant move Tom, YOU threw the pass.

  10. Brad Kaplan says:

    Tom, it’s not your fault. Not at all. You didn’t call a run up the middle on a freaking 2nd and 8. You didn’t drop multiple passes that hit receivers in the HANDS. You didn’t allow a 12 yard cushion coverage on a steelers receiver on a 3rd and short. You didn’t miss several sack/loss of yardage opportunities by Pats defenders who apparently aren’t getting paid enough to make a tackle. You didn’t make a bunch of air-blocks on steeler defenders. You didn’t commit stupid penalties all over the field like your team mates. And you didn’t commit the freaking stupid penalty on the 4th quarter goal-to-go down that pushed the offense back and forced things into the situation that would lead to the interception. YOU are one of the only players or coaches that’s actually doing a very good job.

  11. Gary Hanson says:

    Brady was actually one of the bright spots of the team. How many drops right in the gut were there yesterday? 5. All drives that should have kept going were punts. Jason McCourty is AWFUL. Get him off the field! There has to be someone better. Has to be! The defense is almost unscathed from injurys, yet are one of the worst in the league. The whole team always looks like they had to run to the stadium on foot before each game.

    All that said. The Patriots sitting at No.3 could wind up playing home against No. 6. No.5 (who will be Kansas City or San Diego) will play on the road against No. 4 (probably Pittsburgh). Good chance they win. if New England beats No. 6, they go on the road to play No. 2 (Houston). There is a decent shot No. 5 could beat No. 1 (It will be San Diego and Kansas City).

    So, after yesterday, I thought ….Eh, oh god. But now, there is actually a decent (not great) chance that New England could end up playing the AFC Championship at home. Of course, Belichick could blow that by playing scrubs and losing one of their last 2 games and wind up at No. 4. Hes done it before. He seems to think location, and who you are playing doesnt matter. A home record of 6-0 and a Road record of 3-5 says otherwise.

  12. Too much Gisele? Too much TB12? Too much Steelers?

  13. Clark Reddington says:

    Brady is closing out on a long career every game it shows he is fading with his passes and his ability to move in and out of the pocket, Tom it is time we know it and so do you

  14. Karl Spencer says:

    What many have missed all season is the fact that the Pats are trying to make the run set up the pass whereas in the past it was the pass setting up the run. BB has always believed he needed a strong run game in December going into the playoffs. A little bit of research shows this glaring fact. It’s possible too that BB believes that if he relies more on the run that Brady can extend his career even longer. I say let Brady do what Brady does when he’s on the road and when at home, run it down their throats but still let the pass set up the run.

  15. Marc Mastro says:

    Finally getting called on penalties committed all year has caught up to them. Need home games.

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