TEMPLETON (CBS) – A pickup truck crashed through the entire length of a house in Templeton and missed a woman sleeping on a couch by two feet.

The homeowner says a miracle happened. When that truck veered off the road and into the house, she and neighbors thought there’d been an explosion.

“I’m counting my lucky stars that I’m not dead,” said Tracy Samuels. “I’m pretty sure I’ve got quite a few guardian angels up there watching over me.”

A truck crashed through a Templeton home (Image credit: Templeton PD)

It was a late morning nap that Samuels will never forget. The Templeton wife and mom was jolted awake Thursday by a pickup within arm’s reach.

“I heard a loud bang, huge bang,” she said. “I woke up yelling ‘what in the world is going on?’ I turn around and see a truck sitting in my living room. I said ‘why is there a truck in my living room?’”

A truck crashed through a Templeton home (Image credit: Templeton PD)

It had plowed through everything — taking all her furniture, even the Christmas tree and the family’s gifts.

Samuels said outside, a man was “freaking out.”

“The guy that was driving the truck is outside running around like a chicken with its head cut off saying, ‘oh my god, oh my god, oh my god,’” Samuels explained.

A truck crashed through a Templeton home (Image credit: Templeton PD)

The house shifted off its foundation and the Samuels are expecting the worst, but Tracy and her son somehow weren’t hurt. And that’s what she’s focusing on.

“It happened. Move on,” Samuels said. “If you sit there and dwell on it, it’s just going to bring you down even further. You’ve got to take what life hands you and keep going.”

The family’s insurance company has set them up at a nearby hotel. Now they’ll wait and see what’s next for their home – temporarily condemned by the building inspector.


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