By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – The holiday season is in full swing, and isn’t it great? The streets and subways packed with excited shoppers, the smell of pine needles in the air, and above all, that special Christmas spirit of goodwill toward one another. Right?


A picture surfaced of a woman trapped up against a full-size Christmas tree that someone dragged onto a crowded Red Line train Monday during the evening rush.

A Red Line rider shows the Christmas tree that was brought onto the crowded train. (Image Credit: Magdalena Lopez)

It didn’t appear to dawn on this person that this was an egregiously inconsiderate thing to do, likely sending fellow riders home with unwanted deposits of pine needles and tree sap all over their clothes, and risking potential injury to them. Can’t you almost hear your mother yelling at the perp: “Hey! You could poke someone’s eye out!”

While there is no specific rule against bringing a Christmas tree onto a train, MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo said “We strongly encourage customers to use sound judgment while sharing a subway train with hundreds of commuters. Are we asking too much?”

Yes, Joe, you obviously are!

This imbecile’s behavior is not an uncommon sight these days. You don’t need me to tell you about wide array of selfish, clueless behaviors we see on the roads around here all year round, from tailgating to speeding to failing to remove snow and ice from windshields.

And in the era of the smartphone, obnoxious obliviousness has become a way of life. Why make contact with other humans and respect your surroundings when you could be checking your twitter feed instead?

Let me close by saying to everyone, Merry Christmas. And to the jerk with the tree? Bah, humbug.

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Jon Keller

Comments (3)
  1. Seriously? You can’t think of any other worthy news to post other than some guy wanting to being his family a Christmas tree? Seriously? Oh, and I hope I didn’t offend your little liberal heart b saying Christmas tree and not holiday tree.

  2. Erica Giacchetti says:

    Bah-Humbug? Jerk? Really? This is the complete opposite of bah-humbug. Never mind that, think about the struggle he had to endure, lugging a tree from bus to train, walking…etc.. This man should be commended for showing such dedication and holiday spirit for lugging a tree around to bring home to his family. Has society become so stuffy, that people cant stand next to a tree because they will claim “being trapped”, although, she managed to take a selfie of herself while “trapped”,….look poor me. I’m stuck next to a sappy!! Maybe the complaining people should live in a bubble so the wind doesn’t blow the wrong way and blow another hair across your a%&%…

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