By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) —Last week we talked about the mess on Storrow Drive westbound where traffic from the Leverett Connector and the O’Neill Tunnel feeds in. That area has always been a traffic trouble spot, and in an effort to ease the situation the State Department of Transportation swooped in and — with little warning — rearranged the lanes and set up new markings and signs. They called it a “pilot project.”

This turned out to be a pilot in distress, with massive backups and confusion. And while state officials owned up to the problems, they declared they needed more time to make a final decision on keeping the changes, so they are extending the setup for another week.

Storrow Drive lane change (WBZ-TV)

Based on what I heard from commuters Monday, they might want to re-think that decision fast.

Elizabeth wrote: “For a day or two, the reduced lane was given back to commuters via a flashing sign at the entrance area to Storrow near the ill-fated paint job. Today, through what must be magical thinking or a trip west to the recreational puff store, the decision to reduce the lane was reinstated. Torture all the way down Rt. 1. Really really awful.”

And there was this tweet from William, who appealed to State Transportation Sec. Stephanie Pollack to “please put an end to the MassDOT experiment on Storrow Drive. My bus is 20 minutes late as of now. Traffic backed up on route one to Revere!”

Storrow Drive lane change (WBZ-TV)

I know some of the folks at MassDOT and they really do mean well, but the plug oughta be pulled on this fiasco today. Wrong time of year, not enough warning, back to the drawing board. They could call it an early Christmas present to one and all.

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Jon Keller


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