MANSFIELD (CBS) —  Mansfield Police is reminding the public to “be a noisy neighbor” this holiday season to help prevent package theft. “Take these steps to protect your floofloovers and tartookas from being Grinched,” the department wrote on Facebook.

“Do you recognize this person? Take a look at this security video from a recent package theft,” the department captioned a video. It only takes a second to realize that the person creeping up to the porch to snatch an unattended package is the Grinch.

To prevent “being Grinched” have deliveries dropped off at a side door, and make sure all lights and cameras are working. Set up tracking and delivery alerts, and try to get a friend to pick up a package if you are not home, police advised.

Also, “thieves will follow delivery trucks and pounce when the package is left unattended. If you notice a suspicious vehicle circling the street or following a delivery truck, give us a call!”


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