BOSTON (CBS) — New England’s struggles in Miami have reached new heights.

The Miami Dolphins lateraled their way to a surprise victory over the New England Patriots on Sunday, with Kenyan Drake turning a last-second, last-ditch play into a 52-yard touchdown.

New England’s prevent defense was a little overzealous on the 69-yard score by the Dolphins, and Rob Gronkowski couldn’t catch up to Drake as he rumbled into the end zone for the 34-33 win over the Patriots.

“I didn’t think it was going to get to me and then I saw the guy trucking down the field,” Gronkowski said after the game. “You saw what happened from there.

“I did trip a little bit, but that’s football. That’s why they say it’s a game of inches,” Gronkowski added. “A split-second right there. That gave me a lesson that shows that’s true.”

It all started when the Patriots settled for a field goal on their last possession of the game, giving them a 33-28 lead with seven seconds left. The Patriots left points on the field on a few different occasions throughout Sunday’s loss, and it came back to bite them in a big way.

The Dolphins had just one play following New England’s kickoff, which was returned to the Miami 31. Ryan Tannehill threw a short pass to Kenny Still that went for 14 yards before he lateraled it to fellow receiver Devonte Parker. After going three yards down the field, Parker lateraled to Drake, who burst up the right sideline 52 yards for the game-winning score.

“That’s as tough as it gets,” New England receiver Josh Gordon said following the loss.

The win kept Miami (now 7-6 on the season) in contention for the playoffs, while keeping the Patriots (9-4) from clinching their 10th straight AFC East title. They now have to try to bounce back next week against the Steelers in Pittsburgh.

“I’ve had some pretty tough losses in my career,” said quarterback Tom Brady, who threw for three touchdowns and 358 yards in the defeat. “I’ve had a lot of tough losses. We’ve got a lot of football left and we’ll play better next week.”


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  1. Karl Spencer says:

    When you have 1st & goal you go for the win. Pathetic!

  2. Bud Mulqueeney says:

    I’m 76 years old and have followed this team since their inception and have to conclude that today’s loss in Miami was not ONLY their worst under the B.B. & T.B era, but now feel they do NOT deserve to be in the playoffs having the win within their grasp, but successfully manage to lose it with seconds to go before the end of the game. Now I hope they get annihilated in Pittsburgh and also lose the remaining 2 games afterwards.


    1. You’re being generous. Both their playing and coaching are a disgrace.

  3. Bill Branch says:

    Belichick, stop with the mamby-pamby language and fire Flores. The Patriots defense has been an embarrassment all season and was especially porous against the rush today. The last play, the losing play, was completely unacceptable. This is a humiliating defeat, in a real organization we would see heads roll but apparently Belichick thinks Flores is a sacred cow. Don’t worry, Billy, we’d realize you are firing someone because he doesn’t have a clue about what he should be doing, not because you are a racist. Isn’t winning the most important (read that the only) thing about pro football? I remember at the beginning of the season the players saying how much nicer Flores was to the players that Matty P. was. Niceness with subordinates breeds a losing culture.

    1. Bud Mulqueeney says:

      GO K.C., GO and win it all for Reid and let the Pats org ( ? ) have continuous nightmares until 2019 pre-season !

  4. Karl Spencer says:

    I still don’t understand why the Pats don’t use James White more. He’s a difference maker.

  5. bushlied says:

    Maybe teach Gronk how to run?

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