BOSTON (CBS) – Northeastern University Police are investigating the armed robbery of two students near campus.

Police say the gunpoint robbery happened at the corner of Tremont and Douglas Park Street, about a block from Northeastern.

Fortunately, the victims managed to escape unharmed. One student who lives nearby says the area can be dangerous, especially late at night.

“It’s a little bit unsafe, yeah I can say it. If you are aware – nothing bad should happen,” said Andres Guevara.

Northeastern Police are reminding students to be alert and avoid walking alone.

“If I’m walking to my home, which is actually beside the street, I take off my earphones and just look, pay attention what’s around me,” said Guevara.

Maria Firan, a Northeastern student, said the incident served as a reminder.

“Unless it happens to you, you don’t really feel the worry, but it’s a reality check for sure,” she said.


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