BURLINGTON (CBS) – New video shows a bear making the rounds in Burlington.

Police officer Gerry Mills shared video on Facebook Friday night showing the black bear on the move.

A bear on the move in Burlington (Image credit: Burlington police)

“We are aware of the presence of a bear in town and there is no need for concern but we also ask that everyone stay away from the bear,” he wrote. “If people start gathering it could create a situation that could put the bear in danger and possibly the public.”

Police are asking residents to remove their bird-feeders and to not leave food or trash outside overnight. Pet owners are also encouraged to keep their dogs leashed.

“I wouldn’t think there would be a bear in the parking lot of Wegman’s. I’m sure it surprised a lot of people,” one shopper said.

  1. Jim Nantz says:

    Just set a pic a nic basket out for him and shoot him with a tranquilizer dart when he goes for it. Then take him out in the woods somewhere.

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