SALEM (CBS) – Dogs that managed to escape the California wildfires are set to be available for adoption in Massachusetts.

Northeast Animal Shelter says they’ve now taken in a total of 11 dogs from rescue partner Saving Gizmo’s Friends. That shelter has been “severely affected” by the devastating fires, and they need to free up space for lost and abandoned pets.

One of the dogs rescued from the California wildfires (Photo credit: Northeast Animal Shelter)

The shelter says five dogs that escaped wildfire near Thousand Oaks arrived in Boston Sunday. They’ll be up for adoption at the Salem shelter Tuesday.

Another dog up for adoption. (Photo credit: Northeast Animal Shelter)

A recent fundraiser by the shelter raised more than $7,000 to support rescuing the dogs from California.

Visit Northeast Animal Shelter’s website for more adoption information.

Comments (2)
  1. Debra Long says:

    You need to update this story, this is BS! These animals did not escape the fire, they were already in a shelter and were transferred to make room for incoming animals from the fire. People are getting confused! Get your facts straight!!

  2. AGREE! Stop starting rumors like this. It causes SO much panic to the owners of the pets ACTUALLY in the fire. C’mon.

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