BOSTON (CBS) – With flights delayed and canceled due to the storm, several arriving planes and the passengers on board had to wait hours for an available gate at Logan Airport.

That was the case for frustrated passengers on board one flight from Dallas. Cam Goggins took to social media to share details of the ordeal.

Snow impacted air travel at Logan Airport. (Image Credit: Cam Goggins)

After two hours, Goggins says those passengers from Dallas were finally able to get off the plane around 2 a.m.

They are now one of several groups of passengers scrambling to figure out how to make it to their final stops.

“We were stuck on the plane for two hours,” said Breanna Taylor. “It really wasn’t that bad. It went pretty quickly. It started to get warm of course like normally it would on a plane when you’re just sitting there.”

Many others were stranded inside the airport. Lynne-Ann Hunt and her daughter spent the night on cots.

Lynne-Ann Hunt sits in Logan Airport after the weather delayed their travels (WBZ-TV)

She told WBZ-TV that their flight to Boston was delayed so they missed their connecting flight. Their new flight is not until 7 p.m. Friday.

“Trying to keep the phones charged and trying to keep her entertained,” said Hunt.

Making matters worse, Friday begins the holiday travel rush on top of the airport still playing catch up.


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