PEABODY (CBS) – A mother and her four-year-old son were hit by a car while crossing a street in Peabody Thursday evening.

Witnesses say they were crossing from a home daycare on Washington Street to get to the father’s car. Police say they suffered serious injuries.

A mother and her son were struck by a car on Washington Street (WBZ-TV)

The person behind the wheel of the car was an elderly man.

Police say speed did not appear to be a factor and they say it’s looking like it was an unfortunate accident.

The mother and son were brought to a Boston hospital to be treated for their injuries. Police say it’s unlikely any charges will be filed.

  1. Another 80 year old person who has no right being on the road hitting a young person who had just begun living? These elderly people need to STOP driving. There so selfish and unwilling to admit they cant react fast enough to drive safely. We need to do something this is so sad.

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