By Lisa Hughes

QUINCY (CBS) – On a day to remember the service and sacrifice of American veterans, for some, visiting a loved one’s grave is a way to show lasting respect. That was in full view Monday in Quincy. It was a time to pause, and a time to think.

The flags seem endless at the Mount Wollaston Cemetery in Quincy, honoring veterans of all of the nation’s wars.

The Whittakers are here to keep things neat, and take a moment to remember their family members. “My Uncle Macky, Malcolm, he was in the Marines, and he died at Iwo Jima the day they put the flag up,” says Lois Whittaker.

The Whittakers pay respects at Mount Wollaston Cemetery in Quincy (WBZ-TV)

Lois’ father and several other uncles also served. “We like to come and make sure the flags are up, and make sure they’re remembered because they all gave up a lot for this country,” she adds.

Steve and Sandy Duxbury are visiting the grave of Steve’s father. “He was a private in the Army. He served in World War II and he actually helped liberate Rome,” says Steve.

Being here is an act of love, and more. “My father was a vet, my brother’s a vet and it’s just a really special day that we take the time to remember, but it’s also something we should remember every day of the year,” says Sandy Duxbury.

“That’s what’s important. To be able to live free in this country today because of what they did for us,” adds Steve.

Lisa Hughes


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