BOSTON (CBS) – Boston Police are investigating threatening phone calls made to two gay bars in Boston over the weekend.

The first threatening call came in at 7:30 on Friday night at dbar in Dorchester. The second call came into The Alley Bar on Saturday night at the same time.

dbar, one of the bars that received a threatening phone call (WBZ-TV)

The manager at “The Alley Bar” said that the man on the other end threatened gun violence, which prompted the manager to call for help.

Boston Police stepped up patrols at both locations over the weekend as a precaution.

The Alley Bar, one of the bars that received a threatening phone call. (WBZ-TV)

Just days after the mass shooting at a bar in California, and the Pulse Nightclub tragedy in Orlando, bar owners and patrons alike say they can’t live in fear.

“We stand united. We don’t believe in intolerance. When we get a bigoted, intolerant phone call – we’re going to send that to the police department and hope they do their best to make sure they find this person,” dbar owner Brian Piccini said.

Brian Piccini, owner of dbar (WBZ-TV)

A longtime patron of the bar said, “Even today, for example, I’ve been here for a few hours already. I still talk to strangers that come in. It’s a friendly bar. Whether gay, straight or otherwise – we don’t care.”

Managers at dbar and The Alley Bar said that Boston Police were able to trace that phone call back to a landline and are investigating who was on the other line.

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