By Katie Brace

ARLINGTON (CBS) – Arlington police said they have a serial burglar and they just got a break in the case with surveillance video. The homeowner said she installed the camera a week before the break-in.

The home surveillance video shows a man searching the inside of an Arlington home on Moulton Road. Officers believe he is the same person or part of the same group of people who have burglarized at least 11 homes in the city in the past eight weeks.

Janet Gascoigne has her own security system, her dog Bella. They walked near the latest burglary, which was just yesterday on Bartlett Avenue. A neighbor says a crook shimmied in through a basement window.

“Breaking in using some sort of pry tool,” said Arlington Police Captain Rich Flynn.

The thief breaks-in through a window in the rear or side of the house. The targeted home is usually one down from the corner. He strikes between 4:30 in the afternoon and eight o’clock in the evening.

Surveillance image of burglary suspect in Arlington (WBZ-TV)

“The sun goes down a little earlier, so it develops a window of opportunity for people to get around in the dark before people get home from work,” said Flynn.

All the break-ins have been in the area between Mass Ave and Rt.2, and most recently on eastern side of Arlington Heights.

Residents in the area made sure they were aware. “Of course, we are concerned,” said Ed Heck. “You don’t like this in the neighborhood you don’t want anyone to have to deal with it,” said Martha Heck.

Police described the man in the video as 6’1, slim build and light complexion. He was wearing gloves and a hoodie to hide. Before he goes through more of the house, he notices the camera and tosses it to the side.

The homeowner, who had the surveillance camera, said she thinks the crook was experienced as he stole two valuable watches that were hidden.

Officers said the burglar takes jewelry, cash, small electronics, and camera equipment.

Police also hope seeing the video or hearing this story jogs someone’s memory and leads to more tips.

Katie Brace


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