By Lisa Gresci

SOMERVILLE (CBS) – Younger voters in Massachusetts called the Secretary of State’s office all afternoon asking for information. That turnout was felt Tuesday at Somerville High School.

Douglas Perez, voted for the very first time. “I slowly realized, I’m like wow, this is something that I actually need to do, and get done,” Perez said.

He wasn’t alone.

People voting in Somerville (WBZ-TV)

“You turn 18, you come and vote so your voice is heard,” Jimmy Sterianos said.

Shane Leamon just turned 18 years old.

“Right now there is a lot of issues about human rights and people’s rights. So, voting right now is not just voting about policy and economics, but it’s voting to help actual people,” Leamon said.

Shane Leamon (WBZ-TV)

Leamon is a part of the student council at Somerville High School. He says there has been a huge push to get students to register to vote. Others felt it was necessary because of something else.

“I want to see change, so I thought today would be a good day, especially because there is so much push, especially on social media for people to go to vote,” Karina Matos said.

Katya Zinn has faith that each vote matters.

“Because in spite of everything that has gone on in our country for the past two years, I still have hope that there are people who are running for office that care about other people,” Zinn said.

Many, happy to hear younger people are showing up.

“The younger generation needs to step up to the plate,” Ginny Alverson said.

One man cast his first vote at 58 years old. “This is my first time, because I think now is very important,” he said.

Voters in Somerville (WBZ-TV)

Everybody understanding that a vote now, could change what is to come.

“It makes me feel good that my generation is putting in an effort to vote,” Lisa Primeau said.

Lisa Gresci


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