BOSTON (CBS) — Life has been pretty tough for Boston sports fans lately.

Oh, sure, the teams have been winning with great success. That part has been a hoot. It’s just, all of those late nights are starting to add up.

With Sunday night’s win, the Patriots wrapped up a stretch of five prime-time games in a seven-week span. It was a stretch that was capped off with a Monday night game and Buffalo followed by Sunday Night Football against Green Bay. That’s a lot of late nights.

Now factor in a World Series run from the Red Sox, a postseason of 14 games, none of which started during the day, and one of which went 18 innings and didn’t end until 3:30 a.m. on the East Coast. Throw in the start of the Celtics’ season and the Bruins’ season, and there just hasn’t been a ton of opportunity to hit the hay early for Boston sports fans.

Bill Belichick feels your pain.

The Patriots’ head coach was asked on WEEI on Monday if he’s happy to be through the stretch of night games. He didn’t hesitate to answer.

“It’s nice not to play at night, absolutely. Yeah, the night games kill you, and they get you the next day. And really it takes you a couple of days to get by them,” Belichick said. “But, you know, the schedule is what it is, and every long week’s a short week, so whenever we play we just gotta be ready to go. But yeah, they’re hard. They are. I thought our team did a great job this week, I told them that after the game. I feel like they did a great job coming off the Monday night game on the road, short week, Green Bay, which is a hard team to prepare for, very hard to prepare for. Really with less time and kind of less opportunity, really worked hard. I thought they did a good job all week and played hard [Sunday] night.”

Earlier in the day on his conference call with New England media, Belichick admitted that he wasn’t functioning at full speed.

Belichick said it often takes an extra day or two to get back to feeling normal after the night games, which a lot of folks in the region can relate to in recent weeks.

Fortunately, as far as Belichick is concerned, he and the Patriots won’t have to worry about any late nights until January. For everyone else, there’s always coffee.